summer dresses

Hi guys! I’m not really sure how to start an outfit post, should I just share photos with no writing at all? I have a strong urge to write something self-conscious and ironic but I will try not to.

Anyway, summer dresses are my favorite piece of clothing, and I wear them all year round, with boots or sneakers, and sweaters when it’s cold or with strappy sandals in this tropical heat.  For me, every summer has THE dress, the one I wear when I need an extra boost of confidence and this green one from Springfield is my favorite this season. Trust me you do need it, its gorgeous and a great fit for every body type, plus is on sale now so it’s kinda saying you need to have me. And of course, you can see some fresh LancheJewelry bracelets, go check them out!

I also played with self-portraits and my analog camera objective on my digital camera (this time it was successful or better to say I really like the result), so let me know what do you think about these photos. Until next post, keep chasing sunsets.

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8 thoughts on “summer dresses

  1. I love that dress! It looks so cute with your hair. Also, your pictures are stunning! Your posing looks very natural (defs something I still have to work on) xx


    1. Thank you so much! Posing took a lot of practice but I realized that I’m the most comfortable taking my own photos, so I can relax!
      Your photos are really lovely tho, and Australia is on my bucket list for sure 🙂

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      1. Oh I can understand that completely! I feel a lot more comfortable when I take pictures of myself but it’s so hard. I don’t own a camera at the moment and I’d probably need a tripod too. What kind of equipment do you use? Thanks girl! xx


      2. You can easily take self-portraits with your phone, all you need is a tripod. I bought a cheap one from eBay and it works great both with my phone and Canon EOS1200D, which I usually use for photos on the blog. It’s a great camera for beginners, really user-friendly. Just set your timer and go :)!


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