A few days in December in London, UK

I’ve been trying to be more present and less digitally oriented (really rich coming from a graphic designer, I know, but I believe that it is necessary to train my creativity in various ways, thus my obsession with analog photography), so I tried to document every month last year with a roll of film. But, life happened and due to personal reasons I am still trying to process months later, the world crumbled and so did the last quarter of the year. Following my mental state, I managed to expose 2 roles of the 35 mm film, so a bunch of photos from October to December are gone and forgotten.

But, nevertheless, here are a few of them which survived, memories from my trip to London with my sister and her husband, where we did nothing more than walk, enjoy art, and eat, and it was just the therapy I needed at the time.


R1-08267-0031One of my nye resolutions (or as would my sister described it, a list of demands from myself to myself) was to write more, and generally be more creative without second-guessing my actions, and ideas, as I tend to do it a lot, and it seems it is gotten much worst with time, even more, influenced with social media.

I tend to spend hours editing photos for Instagram or my blog, even tho I do it for the pure pleasure, just because I love everything to be aesthetically pleasing. I’m well aware that nobody but myself care if my insta squares match or not. Lately, I’m trying to post photos just as they are, not edited, just to push myself to get out of my comfort zone and to push my imagination in other direction, the one I wouldn’t normally take.

Hence, here’s a blog post written in approximately 10 minutes, with photos from the test roll I took on my new Olympus Mju II and surprisingly, didn’t edit at all, except the size correction on a few of them.

For anyone reading this, thank you that you’re still here, let me know what do you think about the photos, and let me know if you have some tactics to bust your creativity.