spring wallpapers

Whenever I have some free time, I like to make my own desktop and phone wallpapers, just for fun, and because I believe pretty wallpaper can help inspire me whenever I don’t feel like working. So, I decided to share some of them for you to use, just click the link below the image and save it.

1 mockup

blue marble wallpaper

2 mockup

april wallpaper


3 mockup

spring wallpaper

4 mockup

rose gold marble hello wallpaper

5 mockup

rose gold april calendar wallpaper

april calendar

Running late, as always, I keep promising myself that I won’t but it keeps happening, I don’t know how… Seriously, March flew by so fast, I can’t believe it’s April already. And spring, spring is here, finally. I’ve been working on quite a few new projects for my lovely little blog, and if you want to be sure not to miss them, feel free to subscribe. Anyway, here is the printable calendar for this month.

kalendar 2

kalendar 1.jpg