not a self-help post, I promise…

Just a self love one, I guess. What a time to be alive, huh? It seems that now, even more than ever, were struggling to find the essence in everything we do. I know I am. And even so, we spend sooooo many hours a day on things that, lets be honest, arent relevant, not really. And every goal I achieve, I immediately replace with another one. Always seeking more, wanting more, setting the bar high, planing the next step, planing the future (although I am very well aware that it can not be planned).

Let me tell you, as a freelancer, I force my self to work ten times harder than I worked on a regular 95. And I am a workaholic, although I kind a hate that word, since it seems that is IN now. All that love what you do and you will never have to work a day in your life is such a bullshit, dont fool yourselfYou will have to, even more. I always feel like I have to prove something, mostly to myself. Creativity must flow. Money as well. Sincerely, I often work from 91 A.M. And most days, I love it (and hate myself for it, because I do know that work isnt everything, and it shouldnt be).

And then, then I burn out. It happens every few months, I feel drained. My brain has too many tabs open. I feel like I can t create anything else, like anything I ever created isnt worth it. Every creative knows the struggle. And this year, Im learning how to slow down, forcing myself to take a break from work, to leave the phone, not to answer on any messages and emails, not to post on 3 Instagram accounts I manage, not to take photos, not to tweet, turn the WiFi off, and read the book or take a walk, really talk with my friends, dance, not make an Insta story. And after a few days, Im back on track, batteries charged.

For Gods sake, we live in such a time that we need the apps to remind us to breathe, meditate and be mindful, you know we fucked up somethingI know that this is such a cliche, but I really think that I need to remind myself (and anyone reading, you know you need it too) from time to time, that I wont get a second chance on this life, and that most of us wont leave significant mark on the Earth after we leave, but that doesnt mean that we shouldnt enjoy the Sun.

3 days in Milan

I don’t usually like traveling for New Year’s, I love the holiday atmosphere and all but it is too cold in Europe to wander around all day and take pictures and there are too many tourists (I know, I know I am one too). But company was great and tickets were super cheap so we headed to Milan.

This was my first time in Italy, and I know that everyone says that Rome or Florence are much prettier, but let me tell you, I fell in love with Milan. Maybe the fact I dreamed of studying there while I was in college, or that its energy kinda reminded me of my hometown, not sure, but I can easily see myself coming to visit it again in the spring. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed I’m slightly obsessed with pretty facades and architecture, and just look how cute Milan is, even on a gloomy winter day.

Ok, so we didn’t wanted to do too much touristy stuff, and we were more wandering around and enjoying the city, so I will tell you what I liked the most.

Duomo and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II are beautiful to see, always crowded tho, but worth the hassle. Take a walk from Castello Sforzesco trough beautiful Parco Sempione (I really wanted to visit Palazzo dell’Arte, however, it wasn’t working) and Arco della Pace, where you can find many lovely restaurants to sit and enjoy aperitivo, like Duomo dal 1952 (I don’t usually take photos of food, so you’re gonna need to trust me on this, it was good).

My favorite part of Milan is Chinatown or Quartiere Cinese, especially Via Paolo Sarpi. If you don’t know yet, I love China & their culture, and Via Paolo Sarpi has reminded me on Shanghai’s Nanjing Road, but it is obviously much smaller. (I visited it this summer, and hopefully will write about that soon, so it is possible that I’m just missing Shanghai and Via Paolo Sarpi isn’t anything like it, but it’s still very charming and colorful, and full of cute patisseries, shops and cafes. And it was decorated with lanterns, and I love lanterns, ok?)

And last but not least, Navigli. Ok, maybe the canals are better to visit in spring, but hey, everything is better in spring. It was still nice place to walk and drink coffee, and I accidentally matched my outfit to scenery, as you can see.

So this is the end of my first, I can’t say guide to Milan, but maybe why I loved Milan post. Have you been to Milan and how did you like it? Or what city you visited & loved it instantly?


the first

So, here we are. Or here I am. I wanted to start a blog for so long, but let me tell you, I’m THE QUEEN of procrastination, and this page was my 2018 New Year’s resolution.

What a cliche, I know.  But it is time for things me to change, and become more organised and goal driven (although I am indeed very goal driven but I think that me rambling around here to strangers or probably just my sister, will help me overcome my fear of looking stupid, and that is still the main reason why I miss on many, many opportunities).

Yesterday from one of my favorite bloggers/photographers Yvan Rodic I learned the word “Torschlusspanik”, that in German means fear that “time is running out to achieve life goals.” and literally: “gate shutting panic”, so I guess that was my final push to start writing.

So, for all of you that just tuned in, like me and realized that the New Year has come & gone, and it is middle of January and you have so much to do, places to be, people to meet, here is the FREE printable 8×10″ (A4) JANUARY CALENDAR, so we can all get our sh*t together.