beauty post

One of my last year’s resolutions was to get back to writing my blog, and as we can all see, that didn’t happen. But I keep renewing the subscription for this little internet corner of mine, as I am apparently emotionally attached to my social networks, so I have decided to give it another try, once again (eye roll, I know, I know).

As you may know, I am a profound lover of everything aesthetically pleasing, and I tend to photograph things that inspire me. So this time, I’m gonna share some of my favorite beauty products.

Vichy Mineral 89

I do love a good hyelarunic serum, and I tend to purchase either Vichy Mineral 89 or Hada Labo Tokyo Gold Hidrator they go well with any moisturizer and are great primers for any makeup. And they do make your skin look more plump and hydrated.

The star of the show, and my holly grale product, is retinol, for sure. I have tried using the Ordinary one, as many of us did, but then I heard about a cult like favorite retinol called A313 and let me tell you, this thing has transformed my skin more than I have imagined it would. If you would like to read more about this product, from someone that has more expertise in the field than me, here is the blogpost that helped me decide to try it.

In the slideshow you can see how plumpier and healthier my skin looks like after a year of using it (October/April with spf 50, as recommended). And the sun spots I had are a loot less visible. Note that I am not wearing foundation in any of the photos.

And last, but not least, the product that I have been using for a few months but I’m already in love with, Key Molecule Exfoliating Lotion. Key Molecule is a Serbian brand with a less is more approach to beauty, and this lotion is a much cheaper (and in my modest opinion better) alternative to Biologique Recherche P50. Of course, don’t mix it with your retinol, but use it once or twice a week, at night, and your skin will be grateful.

the bag!

Hi guys! Remember me? Let’s all (when I say all, I think on my sister, maybe a few friends, ’cause at this point, I doubt that anyone I do not know in real life visit this page), pretend that it hasn’t been 8 months from my last post here. I honestly don’t know what happened, but I’ll blame it on my horoscope.

Was it a busy few months? Yes, and no. But, we’ll talk about it on another occasion (you see, I’m already promising a new blog post, WHO IS THIS GIRL?), this time I am here to talk about the best bag I ever owned.


Anyway, look at this beauty, in the loveliest shade of mustard yellow, big enough to pack everything I might need + my camera, handmade of the most gorgeous Italian leather and with navy blue satin lining and enough pockets (we all know that is important). I instantly fell in love with its strict, business-like form and unexpected color combo.



 My dear friends Branka & Vesna make these amazing handbags, so if you ‘re interested, go and check them out here @nicolovesso and I promise you will fall in love with their work just as I did. Oh, and I forgot, look at their stunning packaging!


I really love the fact that in this day and age, small brands can grow their business much easier, as they are often better quality than some established names. I do believe that is important to show support to your local creatives, as one of them myself, I can tell you that that in everything you create with your own hands goes so much love & passion & hard work. What are your favorite small brands? Let me know in comments 🙂

the struggle is real

It’s already November and honestly, I can’t wait for 2018 to be over. I know, I seem like a broken record, always talking about the same thing, but I can’t avoid it, and I hope my rants can help to any other creative soul fighting the same battle. In this age of fast internet and even faster trends in every aspect of life, in an age of Instagram, when everywhere around you can see other people living f̶a̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ their best life, other artists being creative in ways you would want to, but you are just not getting there,  it is so easy to demotivate yourself and beat yourself down.

This whole year I felt overwhelmed like I never felt before, with everyday life, work, etc. My creativity, something that was always a big part of my identity,  seemed to be fleeting. I never had that feeling before and I must admit it scared a shit out of me. And somewhere along the way, I let go and stopped trying to find enough time for my soul to grow. It was so easy to do it, I didn’t even realize and it was already two months since I snapped any photos with my camera. You see, our new apartment has the most beautiful light early in the morning and the whole summer I wanted to do a photo shoot with it, but never got around to actually do it. I had a few ideas on my mind, but I would always find an excuse not to do it. I wasn’t lazy, I just was burned out.

Until yesterday actually. And let me tell you, getting up before 7 even if I didn’t feel like doing it and taking these product photos for my jewelry brand, playing around with the camera and later editing them, was the most fun I had in a while. The rush I get of creating, seeing my idea becoming reality, adrenaline, and serotonin pumping through my blood, almost feel like the long-forgotten magic of the first kiss. Because art, in every form, it is my first love. I think I might end up framing some of these so I don’t ever forget it again.